Less: Raising Youth to Live Missionally

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by: Anna Goodworth

LESS is a dive into all the reasons why and how of raising youth to live missionally, compassionately, and globally NOW...even while they are young! With the outline of L.E.S.S., Anna offers extensive research, theology, and a range of experiences to give resources to help pastors, teachers, and parents to raise youth to love the world globally and locally in living out their faith. All proceeds of this book go toward Christian Community Development Organizations. "Most Western Christians have yet to truly appreciate the spiritual and material needs of the world so that their lifestyles reflect God-honoring choices with their possessions. Those that do may then struggle with passing the vision on to their children or their friends. Anna Goodworth offers the perfect antidote. Not only is she passionate about a missional lifestyle; she relates countless experiences that have worked for her own family and for others. Blending a delightful sense of self-effacing humor with a writing style that makes you want to just keep reading, she presents a solid biblical foundation for her topic, along with a whole potpourri of practical possibilities. If you can't find something here to help you and those you most care about live more missionally, then you aren't looking very hard!" (Craig L. Blomberg, Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Denver Seminary) "We all want to raise kids with God's heart for the world, right? But who has time to read a hundred books, watch a hundred movies, and scrutinize scripture for every bit of appropriate wisdom? Well, we don't need to, because Anna Goodworth has done it for us. She has added her own considerable wisdom and insights to her research and hands it to us in a nice tidy package! Written with her sweet unique humor and real stories of her adventures in raising kids to have hearts for the poor and the oppressed, you will feel at the end that Anna Goodworth is your best friend, and you'll have practical steps for introducing your children, of any age, to a missional world perspective that will ultimately bring them to God's purpose for their lives and thus a place of great joy. At the end, Anna provides a lengthy resource list worth the purchase of the book in itself." (Sandy Grubb, World Vision U.S. Board member)