Living the Christian Year: Time to Inhabit the Story of God: An Introduction and Devotional Guide

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by Bobby Gross

You are part of a larger story. And the one who began the story is at work today, in your life, in the midst of your meetings and bills and family activities that make the days rush by and blur together. In these pages Bobby Gross opens to youÑand opens you toÑthe liturgical year, helping you inhabit God's story every day. Remembering God's work, Christ's death and resurrection, and the Spirit's coming will change you, drawing you into deeper intimacy with God and pointing your attention to the work of the Father, Son and Spirit right now, in and around you.You'll be reminded daily that your life is bigger than just you, that you are part of God's huge plan that started before time and will continue into eternity.

Whether you're familiar or unfamiliar with following the liturgical year, this book makes it easy to do, offering here the significance and history of each season, ideas for living out God's story in your own life, and devotions that follow the church calendar for each day of the year.