Living Faith: Reflections on Covenant Affirmations (eBook)

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The Covenant affirmations bring the vibrant faith tenets of the Evangelical Covenant Church into written focus. They form the nucleus of beliefs that shape the Covenant's theology. Neither a creed nor a confession in the historical sense, they represent long-held theological and biblical views that express living faith in a living God. They continually address believers, asking us to be intentional in how we use our heads, hearts, and hands in the work of Christ.

In this volume the faculty of North Park Theological Seminary engage and interact with the six affirmations in fresh, new ways. Their discussions and insights reveal some of the joys, challenges, difficulties, and blessings that the affirmations elicit.

The many new members and new churches of the Covenant will discover strength and identity in these pages. Long-term members and friends will rediscover the sinew from which they and their churches have grown. Still others can investigate and discover the heart of Covenant discipleship applicable to all Christians seeking to live in the word. May the writers' appreciation for these central beliefs be shared by all who read Living Faith.