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by Adam French

Hunting and running through the woods of west Tennessee is a drastically different scene than selling drugs and rubbing shoulders with drug dealers in the inner city. This is the story of Adam French, a story of humble and healthy beginnings, a story of harsh and horrific interruption and a story wrapped in the life changing love of Christ. His dad's journey of successful business owner to violent alcoholic coincides with his mother's struggle of successful teacher to pill addict. Somewhere in the middle of their stories is a scared little boy, curious pre-teen, broken teenager and a wounded man. For the past 17yrs Adam has been on a journey of healing.


Adam draws from his counseling degree, bible college education, personal recovery and pastoral experience to create an on ramp in his book, MANdentity, for men seeking help in their marriages, addictions, traumas, broken relationships and everyday struggles. MANdentity is designed for any man with any struggle to find healing. It's purposely written to be simple and direct, so that every man can heal by working through this book. All men have wounds. The MANdentity book intends to heal them.


Today, Adam travels the country sharing the redemptive story of Grace that Jesus brought to his life through his personal journey to MANdentity. He is a motivational speaker who encourages others to live out their faith. You will be challenged, motivated and encourage by his teaching.