Maximizing Board Effectiveness

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by: James C. Galvin

Are you frustrated during board meetings? Far too many boards are ineffective. Far too many board members are confused about their role. This book changes the conversation on governance and clarifies the confusion by organizing all boards into just three types: managing, governing, and navigating. You will learn to determine precisely which type your board is, identify pitfalls, and confidently lead the way to increasing your board's net contribution to the organization it serves. The author is highly experienced as a board consultant and provides practical, common sense strategies that work. He addresses typical board dysfunctions and shares best practices that any board can put into practice immediately to maximize their effectiveness-now and in the future.
LEARN TO: - Determine what type of board you are and what type you want to become- Help your board be more effective, no matter what type of board you have and regardless of your position- Address and eliminate board dysfunction