Nearing a Far God: Praying the Psalms with Our Whole Selves

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by: Leslie Leyland Fields

Experience Transformation When You Pray the Psalms with Your Whole Self

Feeling hopeless? Lonely? Anxious? Do you want to experience the presence and love of God through every joy and struggle of life? Do you long to enrich your prayer life and grow your relationship with God? The Psalms will guide you into fresh encounters and a lasting deeper attachment to God.

You may have read or studied the Psalms. In Nearing a Far God: Praying the Psalms with Our Whole Selves, you'll experience the Psalms in fresh, personal, and life-changing ways:

  • Discover how the Psalms can draw you into dialogue with God no matter your pain, struggle, or doubt
  • Practice transformative writing and prayer exercises that engage and impact the whole brain and the whole self
  • Reclaim ancient practices of movement and bodily postures to heighten your worship and deepen attachment to God

Masterful teacher and award-winning author Leslie Leyland Fields has helped thousands of God-seekers around the world experience spiritual breakthroughs by expressing their life stories through the lens of Scripture. Whether you read and practice Nearing a Far God on your own, with a local group, or with a cohort organized by Fields, you too can experience profound change, hope, and the always near presence of a loving God.