Nelson's New Illustrated Bible Manners and Customs

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by: Howard F Vos

Discover how the people of the Bible really lived.

Imagine being able to walk the streets of Abraham's hometown, adjust to life in Babylonian captivity, or travel the roads of Palestine amid the latest buzz about Jesus from Nazareth.

Nelson's New Illustrated Bible Manners & Customs paints an accurate and descriptive picture of ancient civilization throughout the ages. In twenty historical segments, Howard F. Vos tells the story of God's people from Abraham to the end of the New Testament in biblical order. Unlike other books about Bible lands and cultures, this volume distinguishes the ways life differed from period to period and place to place.

The following topics are covered in each segment:

  • Geography and climate
  • Government, religion, and warfare
  • Housing, family, and dress
  • Diet and agriculture
  • Education and work
  • Travel and commerce

Complete with over 400 photographs, extensive bibliographies, and easy-to-understand language, Nelson's New Illustrated Bible Manners & Customs is the go-to guide for studying the customs, manners, and lives of the people of the Bible.