Identity Crisis: Reclaim the True You

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by: Tamara J. Buchan

Do you know that you are a loved child, an heir, of the king and creator of the universe? How does this identity shape how you live your life each day? At work, home or school, Tamara Buchan offers a fresh and intriguing perspective that brings freedom, and a lifestyle based on faith rather than fear, to the nitty gritty of everyday living. Discover anew what the Bible says about who you are and God who loves you.

Witty and wildly imaginative, Identity Crisis will take you on a journey through biblical accounts, individuals' stories and personal revelation and reflection to a deeper more fulfilling grasp of your true identity. Begin today living abundantly with the purpose, authority and inheritance God intends for you, your community and your world. Let's discover together how to move out of an identity crisis and to move into a reclamation process, which creates the most beautiful garden ever inhabited.