Revelation for the Rest of Us

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by: Scot McKnight

See how the Book of Revelation can be read as a book of discipleship, challenging Christ-followers everywhere to live as hopeful agents of resistance and transformation.

The last book of the Bible frustrates and frightens many people with its imagery and apocalyptic tone. Popular interpretations rely on fear and politicization and often lead to pride and alienation of others. Is this really how we were intended to read John's Revelation?

In Revelation for the Rest of Us, Scot McKnight with Cody Matchett explore the key message of Revelation and how it:

  • Calls us to be faithful and hopeful witnesses to Jesus.
  • Stimulates our imagination to see the world through the eyes of God and excite our faith.
  • Challenges us to stand against the militarism, economic exploitation, oppression, and injustice of worldly authorities.

McKnight addresses the popular misconceptions about the book, explaining what John means in his use of the images of dragons, lambs, and beasts; and how the symbolism of Revelation spoke in the days of Rome and still speaks powerfully to the present day--though not in the way most people think.

You'll learn to see the Book of Revelation in a fresh and hopeful new way. Drawing from the latest scholarship, the authors present an understanding of Revelation for anyone interested in deepening their personal study of the Bible and strengthening their faith as dissident disciples who can discern the presence of "Babylon" in our world and learn to speak up, speak out, and walk in the way of the Lamb.