Scary Close

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by: Donald Miller

"New York Times" bestselling memoirist Donald Miller takes readers on hisyearlong journey to learn to abandon performance-based relationships and find real intimacy.

When fling after fling led to lots of drama and a long series of heartaches, Donald Miller decided he d had enough. There must be a better way to soothe loneliness without jumping on a roller coaster, to feel affirmation without putting on a show, to find true love. It wasn t just about finding the right girl, though that helped. Once he found her, he had to know what to do or"who to be."A manipulative control freak? A successful workaholic? His usual methods had drawbacks. But the alternatives were not just hard to do; they were hard to imagine.

From the author of"Blue Like Jazz"comes a story about finding the keys to a healthy relationship and discovering they are also the keys to a healthy family, a healthy career, and a healthy mind. And it all feels like a conversation with the best kind of friend: smart, funny, true, important."Scary Close"is Donald Miller at his best.