Serving in Your Church: Music Ministry

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by Randall D. Engle

Worship is a slice of eternity that Christians can participate in on earth, and nothing can facilitate our experience of worship like music. This wise, concise guidebook will help you harness your God-given musical talent as a gift to the body of Christ, in a way that brings joy to both God's heart and yours.

Serving in Your Church Music Ministry discusses words on worship, planning for worship, serving at the keyboard, serving with your voice, serving with an instrument, and serving in the pew. Zondervan Practical Ministry Guides provide you with simple, practical insights for serving in today's churches. Written by experienced pastors and church workers, these easy-to-read, to-the-point booklets address the fundamentals of different ministries as practiced effectively in real life. You'll find biblical insight and wise, field-tested advice you can apply today, as well as discussion questions to help you think through and integrate what you read.