Sky Lanterns

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by: Matt Mikalatos

Matt Mikalatos offers a poignant and compassionate look at a father s relationship with his children, the healing power of a small act of kindness, and the certainty that even death can t stop love in a deeply moving memoir inspired by a sky lantern with a scribbled note and the journey to find the child who wrote it.
Love you, Dad. Miss you so much. Steph.
A brokenhearted daughter scribbled those words on a sky lantern before setting it aloft. She had no way of knowing the lantern would fly halfway across the country.
Matt Mikalatos found the lantern, broken and crushed, the words still legible. As a father of three daughters, Matt could not let Steph s heart-wrenching note go unanswered, but he wasn t sure where he could find her. So he posted an open letter to her on his blog, which went viral overnight. Little did he know how that small act of kindness would lead him to the real Steph and change his family s life in remarkable ways.
A poignant and lyrical account of the beauty and wonder of domestic life, "Sky Lantern" tells the miraculous events that followed Matt finding the sky lantern in his yard of meeting Steph and forming a friendship that impacted him and his family proving that the bond between a parent and their child is lasting and far-reaching.
"Sky Lantern" will bring a tear to your eyes and a smile to your face as you fall in love with Matt and his family in this heartwarming, beautifully written memoir.
This book is for people with questions about what it means to love, to be loved, and to love well. It s for anyone who has had a parent relationship: absent, complicated, or amazing. It s about embracing the truth about ourselves: that we are worthy of love, and that love makes our lives worth living.