Storied Leadership

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by: Brian Jensen and Keith Martel

Stories are powerful.

The stories we believe and tell about reality are powerful forces in shaping our perspectives of the world. If this is true, then a more accurate story will offer a more authentic paradigm for faithfulness in all areas of our lives—including our leadership.
Distorted views of reality can cause distortions in leadership.

There is an urgent need for gifted and committed leaders in all areas of society. However, there is more to leadership than tools, tricks, and techniques. A solid foundational perspective is necessary. Storied Leadership contends that the assumptions we hold about the world are the ultimate foundation of one’s perspective on leadership. The biblical narrative, developed through the entirety of the scriptures, helps us to understand the nature of the world, who we are in the world, and where reality is heading.

This storied perspective provides a groundwork for leaders: from which to discover the particular call to leadership, for developing what leadership is, and for learning how we—as people in the story—ought to lead.