Talking Taboo: American Christian Women Get Frank about Faith

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edited by Erin Lane and Enuma Okoro

American Christian Women under 40 are being theologically trained in unprecedented numbers, accessing leadership in their communities through both orthodox and unorthodox avenues, and balancing the roles of professional, wife, mother, girlfriend, and friend.  With all of the perceived progress, why do they feel like their young voices still aren't being heard? And if they found the courage to speak, what would they want to say?
The latest book in the "I Speak For Myself" series addresses the experiences of faith, gender, and identity that remain taboo for American Christian Women Under 40.  Is it our desire to remain childless in a Catholic tradition that largely defines women by their ability to reproduce?  Is it our struggle with pornography in an evangelical subculture that addresses it only as the temptation of unsatisfied men?  From masturbation, miscarriage, and menstruation to ordination, co-habitation, and immigration, this collection of essays explores the most provocative topics of faith left largely unspoken in 21st century American faith life.  For women and their partners, faith leaders and their members, historians and their students, this book documents the voices of young Christian women and their refusal to be silent any longer.