The Hum of Angels: Listening for the Messengers of God Around Us

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By Scot McKnight

Would You Recognize an Angel if You Saw One? 
The majority of earth's inhabitants believe in angels. Yet many of us cannot claim to have seen one. Why? 

Perhaps it's because in order to encounter one, we first have to learn what to look for and how to look! We live in a world where the natural and supernatural overlap. Angels are constantly on mission from God and constantly at work in the world. 

From the Garden of Eden to the book of Revelation, Scripture is filled with hundreds of references to these wondrous creatures. In this creative work, Scot McKnight explores what the Bible says--and doesn't say--about these majestic beings. 

And that's deeply important, because angels are still on mission today. They express God's love, confirm his presence, and even lead humans in redemptive worship. Don't just believe in angels. Learn how to recognize these messengers of God that are all around us, and know how God might be using them to affect our lives.

Most People Believe in Angels. 
It's What we Believe About them that Matters. 

Believing in angels is one thing. But how can we know what angels are really like - especially when our preconceived notions have been mostly shape by sensationalized misinterpretations of these wondrous beings? 

To help sort things out, Scot McKnight untangles fact from fiction on topics such as: 
* Do loved ones become angels when they die?
* Can we hear from angels?
* Is there a hierarchy of angels?
* Do we have a specific guardian angel?
* Should we be scared of angels?
* Are cherubs and seraphs different creatures than angels?
* Do angels have wings?
* Are angels worship leaders? 

The Hum of Angels illuminates what the Bible says about these heavenly beings and helps you to understand the deepest truths about one of God's most magnificent and yet misunderstood creations.