The Life of the Body: Physical Well-Being and Spiritual Formation

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 by Valerie E. Hess

What does exercise have to do with our souls?

How do our sleeping habits relate to being conformed to the likeness of Christ?

What do our bodies have to do with spiritual formation?

Valerie Hess has taken up these questions with her spiritual formation graduate students. And Lane Arnold has processed them with others as a spiritual director. They have discovered that the life of our bodies has quite a bit to do with the life of our souls.

Together they have written a book that helps readers explore

  • choices about what we eat
  • worshiping with our bodies
  • seasons of life for body and soul
  • caring for the planet
  • and more

Each chapter has reflection questions and creative exercises to help you engage body and soul with these themes. This is not just a book to read. It's an invitation to a new way of experiencing God.