The Swedish Pietists: A Reader

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edited by: Mark Safstrom

Beginning in the 1830s and stretching into the first decades of the twentieth century, the Lutheran state churches of Scandinavia experienced a great spiritual awakening. At the center of this movement were devotional materials and sermons made accessible through colporteurs and booksellers throughout Scandinavia, as well as among immigrants in North America. Two of the most influential and widely-read authors of this period were the Swedish preachers, Carl Olof Rosenius (1816-1868) and Paul Peter Waldenstrm (1838-1917), who became household names through their immensely popular devotional journal Pietisten ("The Pietist"). Both men emerged from the long tradition of revivalism within the Lutheran state churches of Europe known as Pietism, and consciously drew on this heritage as they helped to articulate and redefine the priorities of revival Christianity in a new era. This collection includes many excerpts never before translated into English, as well as an accessible and thorough introduction to these authors' careers and historical contexts. Influenced by their irenic tone, simplicity, and evangelical warmth, translator and editor Mark Safstrom makes available some of the best of Rosenius's and Waldenstrm's writing for a new generation of laypeople, pastors, and scholars.