Then I Am Strong: Coming of Age in Myrtle, Mississippi

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by: Donald Dorman



In this charming, powerful and beautifully written memoir set in a small Southern town teeming with unforgettable characters, Donald Dorman tells how his seemingly idyllic boyhood for years was clouded by a shameful secret he struggled to hide from family and friends. His life is miraculously turned around on the night of his planned suicide, and he goes on from disgrace to an unprecedented academic triumph that captivates the town. But what will success in life mean? The answer only comes to light after more struggle. "Then I Am Strong: Coming of Age in Myrtle, Mississippi" vividly relates the story of a creative and sensitive boy as he grows into young manhood in the South of the 1960s and finds faith in a God who provides love, support and acceptance through the colorful, caring citizens of Myrtle.