True Discipleship: The Art of Following Jesus

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by John Koessler

When coworkers or friends watch you in operation, do they see a reflection of Christ? If we truly believe that Jesus Christ is not only the Son of God, but also our Savior and Lord, it is reasonable for others to expect to see proof of our commitment to Him in the way we live. That evidence is what biblically-minded Christians call discipleship. "Discipleship is faith expressed in real life, every day, in every way," says noted author and livelong disciple of John Koessler. But there is more to it than merely watching your language on the loading dock or dropping a few coins in a charity donation box. Discipleship implies a living relationship with the Christ we love, serve, and seek to imitate. For most of us there is room in this relationship for considerable improvement. If improvement is your goal, Koessler will take you on an incredible journey. This contemplative and practical book, along with its separate companion guide, will help you find the told you need to deepen your commitment to Christ. John Koessler (D. Min., Trinity International University; M. Div., Biblical Theology Seminary) is the chairman of the Pastoral Studies Department at Moody Bible Institute. He is the author if Names of Believers, Names of Israel, and God Our Father and the co-author of No Little Places. Dr. Koessler and his wife have two sons and live in Munster, Indiana.