Unnoticed Neighbors: A Pilgrimage Into the Social Justice Story

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 by: Erina K Ludwig

This isn't a book.This is a pilgrimage.Pilgrimage takes us outside our expected patterns and into something immediately more challenging and dynamic. It's on pilgrimage that our souls begin a journey that takes us up mountain passes and brings us down transformed.This pilgrimage of Unnoticed Neighbors seeks to do the same so we can taste and see what's around us and meet the different people with whom we share this world-a world that is both beautiful and ugly.You'll meet women from northern Uganda who are AIDS and civil war survivors and Burmese refugees living down the street in U.S. neighborhoods. You'll uncover why the poor remain poor, despite aid and charity. You'll see the saving grace of education and the real protection it gives to some from the most brutal injustices. You'll go behind and into the human trafficking underworld and perhaps you'll see your neighbor--from across the street or across the world--for the first time.