Who'll Be in Heaven & Who Won't?

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by Dwight Carlson

Dr. John A. Huff man, a leading figure in evangelical circles, says:
"Dwight Carlson has courageously tackled some of the toughest questions about heaven/hell and who will and will not be saved...One cannot read this book and remain content to have easy answers to heavy, complex questions.  Instead one is overwhelmed with God's grace....Don't read it unless you are willing to think, have previously unquestioned presuppositions challenged and to consider that perhaps when the veil of mystery is lifted you discover a God more demanding in his righteousness and more mercifully generous in the scope of his salvation than you have previously considered."

The author asserts that there is a significant body of crucial information about life after death that is not being communicated to the average person on the street.  Apropos is John Sanders's statement: "I have found that many laypeople have hopes for the unevangelized but do not know how to articulate and defend such hopes. Within evangelicalism, the wider hope is more popular in the pews than in the pulpits."